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Wellbeing doesn’t just happen, at any age. Drawing on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing framework, this five-minute survey tool was designed for young people 12 years and older to help them care for their wellbeing, even when they are struggling.

How? With the input of many of the world’s leading wellbeing researchers and a team of young people, teachers, and parents we’ve done the hard work of translating your survey results and the latest science into actionable insights, practical tools, and an easy-to-apply plan to make caring for wellbeing more meaningful, easier and effective.

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"My son took the PERMAH Youth survey and was quickly able to get a sense of where his wellbeing was at and great suggestions about what he might like to try to better care for his wellbeing. Immediately after taking the survey he got his own simple to understand and action wellbeing results report, which we discussed together to then create a simple plan of action for helping his and also our family wellbeing. Brilliant resource that we’ll be using and recommending again."

Olivia, mother of a grade 7 son.

"I did the PERMAH Youth survey and it was good to get a report just for me, with my personal results. I felt happy after seeing my results - there were bits that I was doing really well in and bits where I was struggling, but I felt better with the help of the tool to read that the results didn’t have to be all high, and that there are lots and lots little things that I can do to help myself."

Patrick, Grade 7 Student

"The Survey was easy to understand and it gave me a report of where my wellbeing is at. I found this useful as I can now see the areas I am challenged in and also the areas I am strong in. I found it really helpful."

Israel, 14 years of age

"The Survey has provided critical data to evaluate the existence and amplification of wellbeing in schools. I strongly recommend using it as an evidence-informed tool to support the design of a researched based wellbeing strategy in any school or workplace."

Chris Egan, Inspire Learning Solutions