PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Results Debrief - Feedback Survey

How did your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results debrief go?

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results together recently. We hope the session provided you with both insights and inspiration when it comes to caring for wellbeing.

As you’ll probably be unsurprised to know, we’re always looking for ways to improve our support to our clients, and make a positive difference in their lives. Answering the following questions honestly will help us to continually improve our service. Based on your recent PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Results debrief session, we’d be so grateful if you’d take a few moments to answer the quick questions below.

Please Note: The completion of this evaluation form is completely voluntary. All the information you provide is confidential and is anonymized and collated together with the completed evaluation forms from other participants. Adding your name and contact details, should you feel comfortable in providing them, to your evaluation form is also completely voluntary.

Please rate how strongly you agree with the following statements about your recent coaching conversation using a scale of 1 – 5 (1= strongly disagree, 2 = disagree 3 = indifferent, 4 = agree, 5 - strongly agree)

I felt our coach took the time to understand and listen to what we needed.
The time we spent with our coach was valuable and worthwhile.
I feel confident that we can use the knowledge and insights we gained from our PERMAH Wellbeing Survey debrief to more effectively care for the wellbeing of our staff, teams and organisation.
I would recommend these PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results debriefs to others wanting to more understand their PERMAH results in more depth, impactfully care for the wellbeing of others, and make more informed decisions about where to put their energy, and how to take practical and meaningful next steps?
Overall, how would you rate your experience with us?
More and more clients look to testimonials online to get to know organisations, coaches & presenters before they engage. Testimonials help us build a picture of who we are and how we can assist. If you're open to providing your feedback as a testimonial for any aspect of this service we'd be incredibly grateful.