Enabling kids to thrive.
That’s our purpose.

We’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with:

Changing Conversations. Changing Behaviors.

Constantly trying to “improve” wellbeing can do more harm than good. The truth is that our wellbeing is meant to ebb and flow based on what is happening in the world around us and the choices we are making.

This is why children who thrive more consistently understand that struggle is not a sign that their wellbeing is broken. Instead, they see it as an invitation (even if it is often unwanted) to amplify their ability, motivation, and psychological safety as they learn to more actively and mindfully care for their wellbeing.

How do we know? In addition to working alongside many of the world’s leading wellbeing researchers, as part of our “giving” mission, we invest our profits back into cutting-edge research, assessment tools, evidence-based programs, and coaching communities to discover the small, strategic actions that can have a big impact when it comes to caring for wellbeing. It’s our mission to make the science and practices of thriving effective, affordable, and accessible to all.

Our flexible, evidence-based wellbeing approaches make it simpler and easier for you to:


build a common
language to make it
easier for kids to talk to each other about caring for wellbeing


reliably gather
actionable insights to
inform your wellbeing priorities for supporting children


share evidence-based
toolkits packed with tiny
wellbeing nudges at the Me, We & Us levels


create safe coaching
spaces for kids to share what’s working well and where they are struggling

Let us help you make it easier to care for their wellbeing of children.


Our Research Credentials:

"Michelle's energy and vision lift everyone around her. She is a high-quality person and I recommend her fully."

Professor David Cooperrider

Founder of Appreciative Inquiry

"Michelle offers great insights into how your mindset can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities."

Professor Carol Dweck

Stanford University

"Michelle is a global leader in using the VIA Survey to boost growth and productivity."

Neal Mayerson

Founder, VIA Institute

"Michelle is one of the world's leaders in designing and implementing positive psychology interventions to workplaces."

Professor Martin Seligman

Founder of Positive Psychology

Supported by our globally-renowned team.

We’re privileged to work with an esteemed team of global researchers, practitioners, and coaches.
Want to get to know our team?

Dr. Michelle McQuaidAustralia & Canada

An Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science, she is committed to creating evidence-based programs and tools to build thriving workplaces, flourishing schools, stronger communities, and healthier lives.

Dr. Peggy KernAustralia

An Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Well-being Science, her research examines the question of who flourishes in life (physically, mentally, and socially), why, and what enhances or hinders healthy life trajectories.

Danielle JacobsAustralia

A registered psychologist and wellbeing specialist, she helps people and workplaces to thrive, even in the midst of struggle, and is a Certified and Licensed Tiny Habits® Coach and an affiliate member of APS College of Organisational Psychologists.

Martin SuchtaAustralia

An entrepreneur with a background in information technology, innovation, and intellectual property he has a deep passion for applying innovation and technology to make positive psychology more accessible and impactful.

Michelle MillichipNew Zealand

A technology illuminator and implementor, she takes big ideas and makes them real by translating visions into technology and leading a team of experts to bring them to life.

Katia MurphyAustralia

A leader-in-learning, she integrates health, wellbeing and leadership concepts to help others build meaningful lives and enhance performance.

Danielle Ali ShahPakistan

A learning and coaching consultant, she has worked extensively with corporate clients and schools throughout the world to deliver innovative and meaningful learning solutions and engagement strategies.

Chrissy WolffAustralia

Committed to crafting effective and affordable wellbeing measurement solutions, she helps workplaces, schools and communities quickly and easily gather actionable insights that help people thrive, even in the midst of struggle.

Charlie McQuaidAustralia

Co-creator of The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Tool For Youth, he translates the wellbeing science he has grown up around his whole life into practical and beautifully designed solutions for teenagers.

Kylie McLerieAustralia

A former school principal with a diverse career in primary and adult learning, she is passionate about embedding wellbeing into schools and workplace cultures.

Scott DonaldsonUnited States

A Postdoctoral Scholar in Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement, his research focuses on the design, measurement, and evaluation of individual, workplace and community-based wellbeing interventions.

Donald E. FredrickUnited States

A data science consultant, technologist, and entrepreneur focused on the future of technology, work, and flourishing, he completed his postdoctoral research on the psychology of work and flourishing at The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University.

Bayswater West Primary School

A workgroup of students who are passionate wellbeing champions from a school leading the way in the application of wellbeing science. This group contributed to the design of questions, reports and wellbeing actions to ensure The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Tool for Kids was actionable and meaningful for kids.