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Wellbeing doesn’t just happen, at any age. Drawing on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing framework, this five-minute survey tool was designed for kids under 12 to help them care for their wellbeing, even when they are struggling.

How? With the input of many of the world’s leading wellbeing researchers and a team of kids, teachers, and parents we’ve done the hard work of translating your survey results and the latest science into actionable insights, practical tools, and an easy-to-apply plan to make caring for wellbeing more meaningful, easier and effective.

With thanks to Bayswater West Primary School

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"Students are provided with a simple yet effective report that provides a wellbeing snapshot along with a range of achievable wellbeing strategies."

Kylie M,

Former School Principal, Collective Culture Consultancy.

"My report was fun and had some cool things to think about. I am 1000/10 excited to try the actions in my plan."


Grade 3 Student

"Answering the survey questions was fun. I learned and understood more about wellbeing and what can add to and take away from it. I think I will use it again, like a check up."


Grade 4 Student.