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  • The Family Violence Health, Safety and Wellbeing Guide aims to protect, support and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of the sexual assault and specialist family violence sector. It is the sector’s shared vision to create inclusive, equitable and safe workplaces which support workforce wellbeing. Supporting the wellbeing of the sector allows us to sustainably assist victim-survivors and achieve our goal of ending family violence. 

    Every organization has a duty under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act 2004 to have policies and practices to keep the workforce safe. Intended to complement existing health, safety, and wellbeing efforts in workplaces, the evidence-based guide outlines actionable steps and tools through a trauma and violence informed lens. Designed to assist organizations to foster workplace cultures where it is safe and acceptable to talk about struggles and receive support without stigma the Guide is based on the PERMAH model of wellbeing. You can learn more about the PERMAH model here.

    The first step recommended in the Guide is to ‘measure health, safety and wellbeing’. To make this easy, reliable and affordable for your workplace Family Safety Victoria has partnered with The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey to provide you with free access to a tool that:

    • is completely confidential – everyone’s results are de-identified and held by The Wellbeing Lab.
    • takes less than five minutes for people to complete and their personal results are immediately available to them.
    • can be used to create organizational, team, and individual, wellbeing plans that include more than 200 evidence-based health and wellbeing practices.
    • can generate organizational and team reports, providing a systems approach to caring for wellbeing.

    It is recommended that you measure the wellbeing of teams and organizations at least twice a year, approximately every six months (you are welcome to measure more frequently, however, please be mindful of creating survey fatigue).

    How The PERMAH Survey Works For Individuals

    You can have as many people complete the Survey as often as you like.

    Each person who completes the Survey immediately receives their own results in an easy-to-read report packed with personal and actionable insights.


    If people wish, they can create a personal Wellbeing Plan by choosing from more than 200 evidence-based tiny workplace nudges.


    How The PERMAH Survey Works For Organizations

    You can add three additional demographic and three general questions to the standard wellbeing and trauma informed questions the Survey asks.


    Your people’s de-identified results are provided in an easy-to-understand and action PDF report and are available as a .csv file for further analysis.


    Learn more about the reliability, validity and privacy of the Survey tool.


    Request Your Free License

    To make measuring the health, safety and wellbeing of your workplace easier, more reliable and completely affordable, Family Safety Victoria has purchased licenses for The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey use that are freely available to workplaces across the sector.

    You can request one license to measure the wellbeing of your entire workplace, or multiple licenses to measure the wellbeing of your different teams and/or locations. Simply complete the request form below.

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