There are numerous theories on how we can cultivate wellbeing (Ryff & Keyes, 1995; Huppert & So, 2013), but one of the most popular is that put forward by Professor Martin Seligman (Seligman, 2011), which suggests that wellbeing is cultivated by the presence in our lives of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

This framework is often referred to as ‘PERMA’.

Other researchers – ourselves included – also believe that the cultivation of your Health by eating well, moving regularly, and sleeping deeply is one of the hygiene factors of wellbeing. Everything just gets easier when this is present.

So in this tool we’ve added Health to Marty’s framework, making it ‘PERMAH’.

POSITIVE EMOTION the right balance of heartfelt positivity to boost our resilience
ENGAGEMENT the regular development of our strengths – those things we’re good at and enjoy doing
RELATIONSHIPS the creation of authentic, energizing connections
MEANING a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves
ACCOMPLISHMENT the belief and ability to do the things that matter most to us
HEALTH eating well, moving regularly, sleeping deeply

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